Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sick, sick, sick... So.. Some Art From The Vault

My Mondrian Manicure. I have a tutorial HERE.
Pac Man nails! :) Original post is HERE.
GEEZ! my nails were loooong. :)

I just finished up a REALLY fun nail art manicure. But, I'm entering it in The Lacquer Files 'horror' contest. I can't share until Sunday. :(

Not really nail related update:
I have asthma. A few bad allergy days turned into ear infections, bronchitis, swollen lymph nodes and coughing all night long. YUCK. I haven't been in the mood for polish. Sad, I know. I wore incoco french white tips with OPI What's Dune on top for a week!! They sure are great if you don't want to change your polish for a long time. :) Also, my old camera finally died. The hunt begins for a new one! In the mean time.. My new pics might suck. :)


Swååfie said...

Oh, I have Asthma too, and I now how uncomftable it can feel, especially when other infections and such comes along :/ And how exhausting the coughing can be!

I hope you feel better soon!

Fun to see how long your nails were ( I wasn't following back then)

nihrida said...

Get well soon! (((hugs))) :**

KONADomania said...

Hope you will get better in no time! Gorgeous manicures <3

Zara said...

Ick, I hope you get better soon!

Aurora's Nails said...

Ahhh I can't even pick a favorite mani, these are all completely awesome!!! Feel better!

Liz ( said...

Swaafie: I'm sorry you have asthma too! :( Hope yours is under control. They were crazy long!

Nihrida: Thank you. ((HUGS))

KONADomania: Thanks and Thanks!

Zara: Thank you!
Aurora's Nails: Thank you! :)

maRyya said...

pretty nice models!
your blog is awesome
i added you to my blogroll
if you don't mind, please put me on your blogroll too
thanks ^_^

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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