Saturday, June 5, 2010

300 Followers! Viewer's Choice Nail Art.

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my little blog. :) Having 300 followers is way more than I ever expected. This blog is such a fun part of my life. Thank goodness for the internet! The manicure is Fingerpaints Easel-y Entertained over Diamond Cosmetics Not your hum drum plum. I really love this combination.

I think it's kind of cool that my 300th follower is also named Liz! She just started a blog. There are only two posts so far. They look great and she is off to a great start!

So, for the viewer's choice part. Let me know what you want me to try to paint on my itty bitty nails and I'll work my way through the suggestions. :)


grace said...

do you watch true blood? could you try and do a true blood themed mani? it premiers on sunday night.

or a challenge, come up with a nail polish inspired mani!

Liz ( said...

Grace: Do I ever! I've read all the books too. This is a great idea! :) I think this is the one I'll do tonight. Thanks!

Evil Angel said...

I just found her blog yesterday and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Congrats on 301, you deserve it!

Waterfalls would be pretty nail art or maybe hummingbirds!

Liz ( said...

Thanks Friend! I'll do the waterfall and/or hummingbird art next. :) I saw you on her blog! You are always so supportive of us 'baby bloggers.' *SMOOCH*

nihrida said...

This polish looks amazing. And since I love E. A. Poe so much, I'd love to see you do a Poe inspired manicure. =)

kelliegonzo said...

love it!! you should try a monster manicure :D

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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