Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear Bloody Mary Part Two

After trying some of Dear Bloody Mary's nail polishes, I just had to go back and try the rest. I skipped only a few. They are $3.95 each so I didn't feel TOO bad making a mega haul. :) I ordered their hot sauce too! This order had the same great customer service and freebies. Hopefully, these swatches make it easier to order their colors if you want to. The site doesn't have clear pictures of each polish.

*on a side note* They sent me their mascara guard tool as a freebie. I love that little gizmo! It let's you put mascara on your bottom lashes without: 1. making a mess 2. looking like a clown.

This is their baby blue creme color. I am not a fan of pastels. This is the BEST baby blue! It isn't too pale and is opaque in two coats.

This is from the Goth nail polish line. This color is called Bordeaux Bliss. I really love the depth of this burgundy. It's not so vampy that it looks black and it's not so red that it looks like a holiday color. I love how the edges look darker. It is one of those 'lit from within' shades.

This is also from the Goth nail polish line. It is called Evening Sacrifice. This is a cool purpley vampy slightly frosty color. It is definitely purple and is not so vampy that it looks black. It reminds me of grape soda.
This color is also from the Goth line. The name is Graveyard Moss. This color was a surprise hit. In the bottle it didn't look this pretty. I really liked how it looked! I expected it to be sheer and usually sheer pale green is not flattering. This was the surprise of the bunch. I expected to hate it and ended up loving it.
This is the Goth line's color Midnight Melancholy. It is a bright frosty blue. I expected it to be a lot darker. I'm glad it was bright. It's a perfect summer pedi color.
This is the Goth line's color called Sepulchral Earth. It's a super pretty shimmery warm reddish brown. Perfect for fall! It reminds me of OPI Espresso Your Style but a bit lighter.
Moonlit Madness is a pretty standard sheer white.
HECK YEAH!! I went through a long, long phase where I would buy one bottle of red polish and use it until it was gone. I have a strong attraction to bright red cremes. I try to force myself to not wear them too often. This is the color Scarlet Sacrifice. Perfect red creme. Easy to apply, very retro and just a tiny touch trashy! :) Perfect!


Evil Angel said...

Crap now I have to get these!

Jessica said...

These look great. Good color selection and great price too! Thank you!

gildedangel said...

These look great; and your nails are gorgeous!

Liz said...

EvilAngel: :) Sorry! This haul was the last straw and sent me into a low buy!

Jessica: I'm really happy with them so far. Have fun picking out colors.

GildedAngel: :) Thanks! My cuticles are a mess. I can't believe the difference cuticle eraser makes!

Lucy said...

I've never heard of these. Love those shades that are Goth. Just gorgeous on you. I'll have to look them up.

Liz said...

Lucy: I love being able to share a "new" line! Their site doesn't do the colors justice. :)

amusedPolish said...

I'm in love with Evening Sacrifice- it looks so great on your nails :)

clockwork said...

gorgeous shades, so many I'd love to try ^^

VampiressDoll said...

I love the look of Blood Mary, and I don't think there is a shade I dislike out of your list! Hot! x

kelliegonzo said...

i love how your nails are looking lately, so beautiful! and these polishes are all fab-u, i totally want them haha :)

PrincessDiana said...

Your nails are so gorgeous! A few of mine would break before they got that long.
The baby blue color is my favorite :)

Nicole said...

Liz, I love your swatches of these! I HAVE to check this out, thank you so much - that bright red is really calling my name!

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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