Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guppy Brand Polish Review

I bought these colors off of ebay. I shopped with ebay member jolieeeee. They were 2.50 each! It took about two weeks to get them to California. They applied very well (except for one!) Flinty (at polishorperish) ordered some different colors than I did. I'm sure she'll share her guppy's with us once she gets them! The name is fun. I don't think of nail polish when I think of guppy fish. The bottles are a good size at .6 fl. oz.

Up first is 77. I bought this one hoping it would be a cheaper dupe to NFu-Oh's 125. (did I mention I can't stand it when polishes only have a number???) Turns out it is not a dupe, or a twin, or a cousin. 125 and 77 maybe went to the same high school! 77 is a really pretty shimmery, mossy, ferny green. I really like it! It's not a dupe but it is still worth a look!
Here are 125 and 77 swatched together. 125 is a lot more yellow and has a more intense sparkle.

By far my favorite color I ordered!! 64 is a gorgeous dark grape purple shimmer/glitter. It reminds me a lot of the new suede opi lincoln park after dark (with a top coat of course!)
Yum! 24 is a perfect chocolate brown! It's warm and cozy and if it smelled like chocolate it would be perfection!! I dare you to resist licking your nails!
08 is a deep red jelly. I will try to apply it again before I give up on it. It was watery, streaky and kept wanting to show drag marks! It might have been user error since this was the last color I swatched.

Here is a link to the awesome flinty's guppy swatches! Click here to go to polish or perish.


gildedangel said...

These are cool! Did they apply well?

Liz said...

Yes. I was surprised. The only one that was difficult was 08. It really might have been my problem not the polish's! :)

Evil Angel said...

I would buy them just for the brand name! Guppy polish! :)

kittyluvscolor said...

Love that purple!

flinty said...

Wow! That chocolate looks gorgeous! I got my Guppies today too but won't have time to swatch them until this weekend. :(

Liz said...

Evil Angel: Isn't that the best name?!
Kittyluvscolor: It is way prettier in real life. It is very deep.
Flinty: I'm patient! :) I can't wait to see your guppies!

kelliegonzo said...

i LOVE 64 and 08!

Anonymous said...

The guppy polishes are pretty impressive! I love the shades that you bought, especially 08 (RED)

Nicole said...

I like 24 and 64, that deep chocolate brown and the purple. That chocolate color is MUCH better than the MAC they just released, IMO!!

Lucy said...

What gorgeous colors. That chocolate brown is amazing as is the purple. Green is beautiful of course. That's my favorite color for nails. Shame the last one is so streaky. I hope you try it again and post it. You have beautiful nails.

Liz said...

Thank you ! I will try it again soon. I think I was just tired??? :)

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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