Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Essie Nice is Nice is Tres Nice!

Bonjour mes amis!! Essie's spring collection is called French Affair. Oh la la do I love this color! First, I have to comment on how strange it was to buy this color at CVS! I'm so used to Essie being a salon only product. I've been on a pale, sheer pink kick. (soooo weird I know!) This was my first venture into color in a long time. The color is a beautiful lilac. This is three coats (it really only needed two.) I think I found the perfect lilac I've always pictured in my head.

A bien tot!


Evil Angel said...

I think it's gorgeous and you wear it so well!

loodie loodie loodie said...


Jennifer Leigh said...

Such a pretty shade!

Rabbit said...

Yes it is a perfect lilac:) Looks great!

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