Sunday, October 3, 2010

Captain Cool Guy And His Amazing Story

I had the most interesting day. I hope I make sense of this story. It really is kind of cool.

Today started off boring. I decided to check out some local news on my computer. I came across an article titled, "Brick House Blog a Big Hit!" The article is about a couple lovingly restoring a mid-century home. Their blog is very popular and their little house is getting lots of attention. Once upon a time I owned a charming little home in the same area. So, I just had to check out the article. I can't tell you how surprised I was to find that the house in the article was a home I lived in!!

*****Click Here To See The Brick House Blog****

Here is my story. When I was 20 (almost 21) I decided it was time to move out of my Mom's house. The first (and only) house I looked at was this little 1950 block home. It was love at first sight. It had so many original elements. It was my rockabilly dream come true. I was young and had energy to burn. Buying this house was cheaper than renting an apartment in the area I grew up in. I decided to go for it!

I moved into this house as a starving college student. I worked 5.7 million jobs and went to school full time. The only projects I could do were dirt cheap ones! I removed wallpaper. It covered the whole kitchen, den and pink bathroom. It was horrible stuff! I ripped out NASTY shag carpeting. I scraped off 50+ years of paint. I had so many great plans for my little block house.

Soon after moving in, I decided to get a roommate. He was my brother's cute friend that I grew up on the same street as. Long story short. We ended up getting married a few months later! (yes. he moved in BEFORE we started dating!)

We decided to try for a baby right away. Suddenly, the little block house remodel was put on the back burner. I had a much bigger project to focus on. We cleaned the house, painted, replaced switches and light switch plates and got the house 'liveable' for a baby.

Around the time my son turned one we decided to move. The house was perfect. But, the location was not our top pick for raising a kid. We gave up on the little block house and moved. I always felt like this house was my 'one that got away.' I drove by it often at first. Slowly, it was falling into ruin. It hurt so much to see such a gem falling apart. I finally stopped driving by.

I can't tell you how amazingly happy it makes me to see this home being restored. It is not just being gutted and morphed into a boring cookie cutter generic box. But, it's being meticulously and stylishly restored to it's full potential!

So, why do I have a Captain painted on my finger? The author of the blog, Morgan, collects art. This is my rendition of her Captain Cool Guy painting. I tried to capture his hard working lazy eye and amazingly powerful mustache. This is my little goofy way of saying, "Thank you!!" to Morgan for loving the house that was once my home. :) Sorry about the smudging on the left side of his face. It's hard to capture so much cool on such a small canvas!! :)

***********Click Here To See My Muse The Original Captain Cool Guy************



OMG I am cracking up. That is hilarious!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

:D Now.. Does the big red button light switch make more sense?? LOL!!

countrygirl said...

How many coats of paint did it take us to cover those red walls??? That was such a cute house!!

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

it cute?! Which red walls? The house on the main page is a different home. Morgan has a design company. When I moved in the guest bedroom was dark burgundy with dark burgundy shag. It was bad. There are no pictures of that! thank goodness. :)

Kay* said...

this is such a cool "it's a small world" moment

Zara said...

That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh! What a nice story!

The Princess said...


Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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