Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OPI Funky Dunkey and Lippman Happy Birthday

This is the new OPI Funky Dunkey from the Shrek collection. It is a gorgeous purple. I had this on since Monday morning! I was just barely starting to get tip wear. I didn't notice how dry my cuticles were until I uploaded these pics. Yikes! So, I decided to throw Lippman Happy Birthday on top. HOLY MOLY! Glitter overload! What a fun combo. I feel very festive. (thanks mama marie!) :)

I won't keep this on for long though. I have two nail art designs coming up! One for PHD's challenge and another one that is a surprise.


Polish Hoarder said...

I sooooo NEED that Lippman glitter! Everytime I see it, I want it! I don't know where to get it though!! Online? P.S. I'm excited you are submitting another idea for this week! :)

Liz ( said...

It's really pretty. I ran into it at a beauty supply. I always wanted to order it online. But, never did! I'm glad I picked it up!

I'm about to get started on my candyland mani!! :)

Maestra said...

I guess this is the first time that I actually like the Happy Birthday glitter. Otherwise it's just too much for my taste. But your combo is great!

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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