Friday, May 7, 2010

New Baby!

No. Not a human baby. :) We got our 1964 Chevrolet truck back from being completely redone. I don't have any before pics handy. I need to find some. This truck was my husband's first car. We grew up on the same street. So, I remember him driving around in it. It's been in our garage for the last (almost) eight years! The paint is almost exactly the same shade as the new maybelline Caliente Coral. I know what color my tips will be at the car shows!!

Here she is. The color is so HOT. It looks like it could fry an egg.
Hello gorgeous!!
Take a peek under the hood.
We still need to do some work on the inside. It is so cool for this very special truck to have a new lease on life!


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Wow, nice restoration. When are you giving rides to other Nail Polish Fanatics? :)

nihrida said...

Wow baby, come to mama!!!

Liz said...

Elizabeth: Anytime!! Just no wet nails in the truck.

Nihrida: Too bad it doesn't float. I'd come give you a lift!!

Belle said...

Wow such a nice truck! Loving the color too!

My bf is that way too - he still has his car from wayyy back and spends money restoring it.

Stiletto said...


Even a Ford girl like myself can appreciate that beauty!

Congrats! I can only imagine how good it feels to have that back and cruisable!

Jackie S. said...

Very cool! What a nice homecoming :)

dailypolish said...

beautiful! i love classic cars


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