Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toma Swing On A Star And A Chair Project

Here are my sad neglected nails. They have been tortured, abused and mistreated. Moving boxes, scrubbing houses, painting cabinets.... The old house is almost fully cleaned out. The new house is so close to being "done." I can't wait to have it done enough where I can "invite" my blog friends over! So, here is my manicure. No cuticle oil. No nightly treatments. No fun nail art. Just sheet marks on a messy Toma Illusion Swing On A Star manicure. Why sheet marks? Because I crashed into my pillow the second after this was applied! :)

Showing it's golden side... and frazzled cuticles..

Hello purple! (and a sneak peek
at the kitchen cabinets..)

This is an OLD sewing chair I've had forever. I always thought it could be "sew" cute.

Here is how the seat flips up for storage.

I added primer, paint, a new cushion, a fabric remnant and voila!! We are well on our way to a super cute computer chair. Complete with pen/paper storage. I added the little green trim because it matches the kitchen walls. I will eventually clean up the sawdust..

I'm going to add something to the back of it. A long time ago, it had a really pretty wood insert. It broke 1000 years ago.


Evil Angel said...

I love the Toma illusions and yet I still have none.
Your chair is Sew cute with it's little green balls!

Alisa said...

Great chair, I need one of these!

Lily nail said...

nice color & great chair !!

betty jordan wester said...

cute- i really like the green trim.

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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