Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sally Hansen Gray By Gray Fits My Gray Mood!

I'm feeding myself a steady diet of The Smiths, The Jam, New Order and Morrissey. When I'm in a poopy mood, something about over the top dramatic music makes me feel better! I especially LOVE Morrissey and find his music humorous. :) I took my "happy camper" pills and feel a bit better! Don't know if they really work or if it's the bottle alone that makes me smile!

Today's take number two manicure is Sally Hansen Gray By Gray. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This is two coats with poshe on top. "Everyday is like sunday. Everyday is cloudy and gray (by gray.)" ;)
This was my first manicure today. FAIL :) I didn't want to leave this one on. It's Essie VIP with my funky chunky franken on top. The black glitter just didn't show up. It looked like dead fleas stuck to my polish.


Evil Angel said...

Morrissey can cheer anyone up!
LOL @ your flea mani
Hope you feel better!

kelliegonzo said...

I love the Smiths!!!!

Liz said...

Evil Angel: Thanks friend!

Kellie: Me too! :) They always make me feel better.

sarahloo said...

oh Moz, you are my dream come true!!

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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