Thursday, January 7, 2010

Claire's Dream Catcher and Magic PLUS a Giveaway!

This is four coats! I think the end result was worth it. :)
Magic... Oh yes it is! The purple is kind of a glowing electric shade. VERY hard to capture! This is two coats.

And, since I love my blogger friends so much, I bought two extra! So, if you follow my blog, enter to win a bottle of dream catcher AND a bottle of magic!!!


Jessica said...

Magic is awfully pretty!

nihrida said...

Aren't these two polishes just awesome? I love my Magic.

Nicole said...

Not entering, just wanted to say they look pretty on you :) These are two of my fave Claire's and that's an awesome giveaway!

Brooke said...

Goody, a contest for stuff I don't have!! WOOT!

gildedangel said...

Those look beautiful!

vnssa906 said...

magic is such an awesome color! i'm a fanatic for purple.... i would love to try it for myself!

hi said...

Hi, I am new to this blog :). Is there a way to subscribe by email, I would really like one.


Liz said...

Jessica: Yes it is!

Nihrida: I love my magic too!

Nicole: Thanks friend!

Brooke: Good luck! :) I always imagine that you have every polish ever made. LOL!

GildedAngel: Thanks!

vnssa906: I love purple too! Good luck!

Hi: Just for you! :) I figured out how to do a email subscription thingy. Welcome to my little blog! :) I'll add your email address.

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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