Saturday, December 12, 2009

Incoco Dry Nail Polish Review and Test

I've had these incoco dry nail polish strips for quite some time. I bought these at Walgreens. I think this color ( Red Velvet ) has been discontinued. I don't see it on their website. I tested out the white french tip on one nail before I had a blog. It stayed on forever. I put polish over the white tip when I tried it.

I was really scared to try a full nail. They are supposed to last up to 14 days.

Here is my experience.

Here are the strips fresh out of the packet. They smell like nail polish! I guess that is because they are made out of nail polish. Still, I wasn't expecting them to REALLY be nail polish.

First, you remove the clear plastic coat on top of the product.
Then, you take the strip off the paper backing.
On their website, it says to remove the silver tab. I just left it on. Looking back, I should have stretched the strip more. It's kind of elastic like. Or, more like stretchy saran wrap. I was able to press it down and wrap the free edge of my nail. I barely needed to file the edge. Most of the excess cam off just from wrapping the tip.
Here is a gap I got on the side of one nail. This is driving me crazy. The most difficult part of this process is picking out the right size!
Here is my finished pinky. The bumps would have smoothed out if I would have stretched in more. I just was afraid it would break. The dry applique felt like almost dry but still dentable polish.

Day One: Here are my nails the morning after I applied the dry nail polish. They don't feel dent-able anymore. Click on the picture to see it SUPER up close. (if you dare!)


gildedangel said...

What an interesting way to do polish, I love the color!

Evil Angel said...

These would be perfect for taking on a trip, no need to worry about a bottle breaking.

contests and such said...

Some of these suckers went on clearance out by me last year and I bought more than a shoebox full! They were selling for about $1 each. They did last a long time, but they are a PAIN to remove! Even with the little cloth they give you- it's not enough. I ended giving all mine to my friend who is OBSESSED with them. I hope you like them more than I did :).

Liz said...

GildedAngel: The color is really pretty. I love red. :)

EvilAngel: It would be great for travel!

Contestsandsuch: Oh no! I haven't reached the take them off part. Uh oh. :(

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