Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Musical Manicure Madness!

Can you guess what awesome band inspired today's manicure?? I'll give you a hint. They have a new album out called Raditude that is only $3.99 on Amazon.. It's WEEZER! :)

Above is the mani after I added the little Weezer insignia. :) Each nail was inspired by a different Weezer album. L-R The Green Album (pure ice wild thing,) Make Believe (colorama black,) The Blue Album (random sally hansen franken) and The Red Album (OPI thrill of brazil.)

Here is it without the W's.


gildedangel said...

I love that mani, it is so cute!

Jessica said...

Great idea! I love it!

thriszha said...

as always u came out with a very unique & cute nail design.. love it... happy polishing sweety!!! have a great day!! keep safe

kelliegonzo said...

that's so awesome!! i love weezer!

p.s. you've been tagged :)

Liz said...

gildedangel: Thanks! :)
Jessica: Thanks!
thriszha: Thanks! That is really nice of you. :)
Kelliegonzo: Yippee for weezer!! Thanks for the tag!

Evil Angel said...

I love this one it's so fun to have an inspired mani!

Liz said...

EvilAngel: Thanks friend!! :)

Mighty Lambchop said...

That is brilliant! I've thought of doing something like that but never have. Yours is awesome.

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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