Saturday, November 14, 2009

Antique China Glaze Dusk and New Hard Candy Hot Pants

This is an old china glaze I found at a beauty supply. It was so gunky I had to use about 10 gallons of thinner to revive this beauty! I felt like jazzing it up a bit and added hard candy hot pants glitter as a top coat. Wow! I feel like I have little jewels on my nails. :) Plus, it helped to disguise the not very well blended silk wrap on my badly damaged middle nail.


Evil Angel said...

I this combo it so fun!
Have you tried smoothing your silk wrap down? I can't tell in the picture unless I make it giant so I doubt anyone will notice.

gildedangel said...

That colorlooks really cool; I love it with Hot Pants!

AllYouDesire said...


Liz said...

Evil Angel: I did have it "smoothish." I'm bad and use pure acetone to remove my polish and it removed some of the glue and made it bump up. Plus, I have it super thick because it's broken in the nailbed. I'm so not wanting it to break/bleed. :( What kind of glue do you use with your wraps?

Gilded Angel: Thanks! :)

allyoudesire: Thanks! :)

nihrida said...

I love this shade of China Glaze. It reminds me of CND Rock Royalty. And those glitters look great too!

sparklingpinkgorilla said...

I usually don't like glitter topcoats but I really like hot pants now that I've seen it like this. Really pretty over the purple!

Lucy said...

That is an oldie! Pretty shade on you. Love that glitter. Makes your nails look like their having a party.

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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