Saturday, October 3, 2009

War Tapes Paint Is Absolutely AWESOME!

(Opi is swatched on top)

When you own as many nail lacquers as I do (I have three) it takes a lot to get me excited about new products. Well, I'm excited! I love music. I love nail polish. When you combine the two.... It's almost too much to bear!

I was searching for new and interesting items. Of course, I have to search for nail polish! I found a band called War Tapes. They are not just selling the typical stickers and t-shirts to promote their music. They are also selling jewelry and NAIL POLISH!! This is the same nail polish as Diamond Cosmetics. Diamond Cosmetics sells their polishes without the label so you can add your own private label. The bottles are wrapped up so cute it was worth buying one just for the cuteness factor. :) War Tapes Paint is absolutely awesome (as is Diamond Cosmetics.) I love the vibe. I love the bow. I love that it is associated with music!

The colors are named after their songs. The one I ordered is named, "For Eternity." It is a gorgeous grey based HOLO!! It is even prettier than my beloved OPI My Private Jet (old holo version.) The bottles and polish are the same as Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm. The bow and label is what makes it War Tapes Paint.

A wonderful bonus... I LOVE their music! It feels like I put all the bands I love in a blender, added a new modern edge, hit puree and VOILA!

I highly recommend going to etsy and checking out their stuff! The jewelry is really cool. They send a personal note on the back of one of their stickers.

The polish is $5.oo plus $3.oo shipping. If you order from Diamond Cosmetics it is $2.oo and $4.90 for shipping. It is worth the extra $1.10 to buy one just for the fun factor! It is big 3 free and they do not test on animals.


D:) said...

I believe Diamond polish sells their polishes unlabeled. I bet this is their Chainmail color!

gildedangel said...

That's really cool!

Liz said...

D:) The light bulb just went off! I just ran upstairs to post that it was chainmail charm.... but cooler since it helps support musicians. LOL!

Angela said...

love love the color
it would be perfect for fall

Mighty Lambchop said...

I think it's a brilliant way to market! Good thing Diamond is always reviewed kindly too! The band really chose a great label design for the polish too, I love the charming retro vibe.

Anonymous said...

I love the label they went with for the bottle! That's awesome that you supported their music through buying this polish! Awesome!

Lucy said...

Terrific idea for a band to sell polish. Will get more boys to buy it.

Etsyaddict said...

Cool nail polish, I just noticed another nail polish brand on etsy you my want to check out.I hope they add more, I'm always looking for new and exciting colors!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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