Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

I was tagged by black nail polish and lipgloss! She picked the color (red my favorite!!!) and I had to find seven items in that color family.....

  1. Red Licorice YUMMMY The licorice in this pic now lives in my stomach.
  2. My favorite red coffee mug. It's HUGE!
  3. My nippers I use for making jewelry.
  4. A vintage rope necklace thingy I love.. and have never worn in public.
  5. One of my red nail polish swatch boards (thanks classic rock laila!)
  6. Nars Red Lizard. My favorite red lipstick. Since my name is Liz (lizard) and I love red!!
  7. The best (in my very humble opinion) red nail polish of all time.... OPI La Boheme!!!
I would like to tag :

  • naivenails
  • also known as
  • You've got nail
  • Lacquer Laine
  • kittyluvscolor
  • fab ur nails
  • contests and such
I pick the color green!


Evil Angel said...

I want your coffe cup and LaBoheme and you should wear the rope necklace, it's way cool!

Lucy said...

Interesting tag. I also want your mug! I agree with Evil Angel to wear that rope necklace! I'd also like some licorice. Yummy.

thriszha said...

waaaaaaaaaaa....thanks for tagging me sweety..i also love green.. this tagging thing would be lots of fun...xoxo

contests and such said...

Thanks for the tag! This is a fun one. Now I have to think :( that's OK.

I like your new layout!

Liz said...

Evil Angel: I could swim in my coffee cup with la boheme on my tips and my rope necklace on!

Lucy: :( I ate all of the licorice so I can't share. It doesn't last long around me!

Thriszha: Can't wait to see your green pic!

Contests and Such: Thanks! I had to re-do my widgets when I did the new template. Have fun finding green stuff! :)

kittyluvscolor said...

I love green! I will have to look thru my stuff and find my Fav's!!!

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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