Friday, September 18, 2009

Cyndi Lauper's Manicure on Bones!

I love her. She wore white nails with her pointer fingernails painted red! Too cute.


Evil Angel said...

I love Cyndi Lauper! Does that make me old or cool? She adorable no matter!

Lucy said...

Love Cyndi Lauper! She is very toned down for this role. I love that look. I'll have to steal it. I also love the show Bones. One of my favorite shows. Love the relationships between all the characters. Fantastic show.

Liz said...

Evilangel: It makes you WAY COOL! :)
Lucy: Wasn't she great on Bones? I'm totally going to copy her too. :) If it looks half as cool on me I'll be happy!

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