Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Color Club Take A Walk On The Wild Side Swatches!

Today's swatches are brought to you by Lou Reed.. He always told us to take a walk on the wild side!!

Love 'em Leave 'em is a perfect nudie cutie! It's holo is pretty indoors and out.
Wild and Willing is a very glitzy coppery duochrome. It's a bit sheer. Layer it over black and WOWZEE! (see below)
On the wild side is a gunmetal grey chrome. It is a flattering shade of grey that I assume most people could pull off. But, you know what they say when someone ass-u-mes???
Rule Breaker is a painfully pretty tealy green shimmer fest! I love this color more than I thought I would! It glows...
Wild at Heart.... Are you freaking kidding me??? This color is amazing... It goes to ELEVEN! A deep vibrant purple holo. I love this color so much it is giving me a headache!!
With Abandon is a pretty gold shimmer glitter in an almost black base. Reminds me of China Glaze wagon trail.. But, a little better!

This is wild and willing on top of with abandon. The duochrome goes WILD! The shimmer really pops in all it's coppery goodness. I love duochromes too much!


gildedangel said...

I am drooling over Wild at Heart!

rijaH said...

These just look amazing! I love them all :D

AllYouDesire said...

Great swatches! I think this is one of the best fall collections ever! I want it so much :)

adorepink said...

OMG, I just stumbled on your blog by contest machine and your nails are gorgeous!!! Love it. Will definetely be back for more!

contests and such said...

I am a new follower and I LOVE your nails! They are awesome! And I love those little quirky pics you put in on the posts. They are cute and funny. Can't wait to read more!

skgoh said...

Rule Breaker and Wild at Heart are GORGEOUS! *lemming*

Lucy said...

Now I have this song stuck in my head. I don't mind at all since I love Lou Reed. I bought this whole collection and I'm glad I did. They all look beautiful on you. Wild At Heart and With Abandon are my two favorites. I'm so happy with all the glitters that are being released lately.

Liz said...

Gilded Angel: It is MORE than I was expecting and I was expecting a lot!
rijah: Thanks!
Allyoudesire: Seriously! There isn't a dud in the whole bunch!
adorepink: Thank you so much. :) I'm glad you found me!
Contests and such: Thanks! I'm a goof ball and I think it shows. :)
skgoh: Totally lemming worthy!
Lucy: I love that song. It was stuck in my head the whole time I wore these! Those are my faves too!

PrincessDiana said...

Love em Leave em is so so pretty! I wish I could get it, but I've never seen this brand in a store :(

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