Saturday, September 5, 2009

China Glaze Cosmic

You know the grip tape you put on skate boards... Or the non-slip sand they put in paint on stairs... Or the 60 grit sandpaper used for removing paint on furniture.... That is the texture of this polish. I think China Glaze added sand to this color! It's gorgeous all the same. It really needs several coats of top coat to even begin to be smooth.


nirfreak03 said...

lol.... i think that is a great polish too. i personally love textured polish like that. always find myself touching it all the time

Evil Angel said...

It's so pretty, but I cannot do bumpy nails it will make me go crazy.

Lucy said...

I don't usually mind bumpy nails. I think that this polish is gorgeous. It will be worth wearing bumpy or not. Looks lovely on you.

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