Friday, September 18, 2009

10 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged! I've been trying to think of 10 random things about me. Let's see how far I get!

1. I love zombies. Zombie movies. Zombie Books. The idea of re-animation is funny and scary at the same time! Zombies are funny because they are slow (usually) and kind of dense. They are scary because they want to eat your brain! My AWESOME friend, Classic Rock Laila, has the cranberries 'zombie' as my personal ringtone on her cellphone. That is one cool friend! :)

2. I'm deathly allergic to SQUID! I had one bite of squid and ended up with anaphylactic shock! Not fun.

3. I'm scared of bridges. I sweat and get really tense. My mom is the BEST and when I was growing up she would drive way out of the way to avoid bridges. I love my mom. :) I am not scared of heights though.

4. I had a glomus tumor removed from my right index finger a few months back. These tumors usually show up BENEATH THE NAIL!!! They remove your nail when this occurs. Ugh! I'm lucky mine was on the side of my finger. I have a scar on my hand now. I think it makes me look tough!

5. I collect vintage icecrushers called 'iceomatics.' When my grandfather passed, I really wanted to keep his icecrusher. They remind me of his wonderful spirit. Soon after, I started picking up new ones!

I'll add more facts if I think of some. :)

I think every blog I know has been tagged. If you haven't been tagged.... TAG!!


kelliegonzo said...

what fun facts! i was wondering where your blog name came from ;) and i love that you love zombies, haha so fly ♥

Liz said...

:) Yup! That is where the name came from! Zombies are awesome. Thanks Kellie!

Evil Angel said...

I think I own every Zombie movie ever made and my oldest DD is a Zombie fanatic also!

Lucy said...

That is a strange thing to collect! I've seen stranger. Love getting to know you better. I keep saying the same thing each time I read these. But I really mean it. Nail Bloggers are some awesome people. Everyone has their crazy facts and it's fun to read them. I love Zombie movies also and hope never to run into one! Glad the tumor wasn't under your nail. How awful that would have been.

Brooke said...

I wondered what the name of the blog meant - now I know :)

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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