Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seche Ultra-V UV Activated Top Coat Review

I ventured into the land of the living today. Feeling a bit better. Sick or not this was an emergency! I was out of my favorite top coat. I went in Sally's with the full intention of buying good ol' seche vite. This has been my staple top coat forever! I saw Seche Ultra-V UV activated top coat. I'm a sucker for quick dry top coats. The box said it would "cure in three minutes with direct UV light. Layers of polish dry quickly resulting in a durable, long-wearing, high-gloss shine."

SOLD! :) It was $7.29 with my beauty club card. I already had a UV lamp. Seche sells a UV lamp for $24.99. That is a good price for a UV lamp. The two reviews for the lamp aren't fantastic on Sally's website. CLICK HERE FOR LINK
Here is the top coat. It is in a cool black bottle that came in a box. See how the box is sad and alone behind the bottle? They wanted to be together so I'm keeping the bottle in the box. (sorry feeling goofbally and this picture is cracking me up! Pensive top coat bottle pic!) :)
So, I cleaned my nails just like I do for a 'normal' manicure. (Do I do 'normal' manicures?) I like using bond aid by OPI under my polish. It balances the PH of the nail and helps my polish stick. I did a swipe of that. Then, I used 1 coat of gelous. I bought this at Sally's. I like it. I picked a color that dries fairly matte. That way, we can really put the 'shine' of this top coat to the test! I picked the obnoxiously beautiful Orly Passion Fruit. I did two coats of color.
Here is a semi-blurry pic of Orly's Passion Fruit. It has a slight satin/matte finish.
Here is my cool picture of my nails going under my lamp after one coat of the UV top coat. Looks creeeeepy!
Voila!! It's a stinky, stinky top coat. But, I think I might be in love. My nails were dry to the touch after 3 minutes and barely 'dentable.' I did pretty thick coats of color so I'm impressed. I'll keep everyone updated on how this wears.


augusta said...

can you recommend a uv lamp, since the seche lamp is crappy?

Maria said...

whoa, it looks so pretty!

Nicole said...

Ooh, I LOVE your lamp! I'd like the bigger one (I suspect Kellie would too!) I'll be curious how well it holds for you, I used Gelous as a basecoat too and my nails were untouched after 4 days. I never get that kind of wear!

L said...

I have that very same lamp I think. Did you get the $59 from Sally's I love that thing even though my long fingers have to be crammed in there. Thanks for this review. I always look at that topcoat when Im in the BSS. Keep us posted! :)

Liz (iceomatic's nails) said...

Augusta: This is the lamp I have:
I've had it over a year and I love it!
MaRrya: This color is sooo bright! It was hard to capture.
Nicole: This lamp was a good little investment! I hope I get the same wear as you did! :)

L: I bought it at a different local supply house for 'slightly' cheaper. But, it's the same one. Love it! I have stubby fingers so it's a perfect fit for me. :D

Elizabeth J said...

that's really cool :D

i miss being able to polish my nails, but karl likes to chew on my fingers too much so toes have to suffice!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how removal is with this when the time comes?

For those of you that use the gelous - how is removal with that?

Megan Harmeyer said...

I saw this at Sally's when I was there on Wednesday but decided to go with the plain 'ol Seche Vite. The gloss on that is great!! Speaking of the plain 'ol Seche you have trouble with shrinkage with it?

Aurora's Nails said...

Wow, that's awesome! Please keep us updated!

Felix wants you to check out my nail art!!

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